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ACCA考官文章汇总:P7 高级审计与鉴证业务


A matter of opinon.pdf (443.35 KB)

A question of ethics.pdf (120.26 KB)

Acceptance decisions for audit and assurance engagements.pdf (293.03 KB)

Accounting issues.pdf (344.44 KB)

Analytical procedures.pdf (461.33 KB)

Auditor reports in the UK.pdf (113.96 KB)

Auditor reports to those charged with governance.pdf (283.84 KB)

Clarity auditing standards.pdf (134.52 KB)

Completing the audit.pdf (295.38 KB)

Auditor liability.pdf (305.03 KB)

Auditing in a computer-based environment.pdf (317.6 KB)

Audit working papers.pdf (293.61 KB)

Audit risk.pdf (389.3 KB)

Audit quality - a perpetual current issue.pdf (304.44 KB)

Audit of estimates and fair values.pdf (304.08 KB)

Audit and insolvency.pdf (276.64 KB)

IAASB developments.pdf (299.47 KB)

ISA 240 (Redrafted) - Auditors and Fraud.pdf (314.35 KB)

ISA 315 (REVISED) - Identifying and assessing the risks of material misstatement.pdf (165.15 KB)

Laws and regulations.pdf (380.34 KB)

Group auditing.pdf (314.9 KB)

Group audit issues.pdf (344.12 KB)

Going concern.pdf (372.3 KB)

Forensic auditing.pdf (290.02 KB)

Forensic accounting.pdf (220.36 KB)

Examining evidence.pdf (306.29 KB)

Continue to be rest assured.pdf (383.74 KB)

Tackling questions on ethics.pdf (308.26 KB)

Staying on the right side of ethics.pdf (303.78 KB)

Specific aspects of auditing in a computer-based environment.pdf (305.04 KB)

Reporting on audited financial statements - significant changes proposed.pdf (301.65 KB)

Professional scepticism.pdf (382.56 KB)

Planning an audit of financial statements.pdf (375.49 KB)

Performance information in the public sector.pdf (372.41 KB)

Matter of opinion.pdf (316.49 KB)

Massaging the figures.pdf (282.7 KB)

The control environment of a company.pdf (384.77 KB)

The IAASB clarity project.pdf (259.85 KB)

The importance of financial reporting standards to auditors.pdf (379.46 KB)

Using the work of internal auditors.pdf (444.05 KB)

上一主题:ACCA历年真题汇总:F4 公司法与商法(英国)
下一主题:ACCA考官文章汇总:P6 高级税务